First of all, the biggest question – Prague for MAC and LINUX. We are still working on it, however, we are up to release it soon, if everything goes as planned. Even though the installer is great protection, we are reworking it, because of bugs and problems we had to deal with.

The next thing is the optimization of Prague. This is something we are still working on. The scenery by itself has about 2,5 GB, so it takes a while to find out the bugs and ways to improve. By now we’ve been able to add at least 5 more FPS, which is nice. We will deliver this to you as a free update, once this is ready.

We are also working on compatibility with Traffic Global across all our sceneries.

In terms of Taba/Hurghada/Marsa Alam, they are not behind and as long as we have some new feature, we are implementing it to our old airports as well.

And now – the fanfare, please. We are working on **new payware airport**. We won’t tell you what airport it is, but some of you may recognize it from the picture. The release will be once the new installer is ready and Prague is released for MAC and LINUX.


It’s been a while since we announced something. We were delaying many things, but many of these things will be updated now.
First of all. We’ve promised you custom ground poly for with better textures for Marsa Alam and Taba. Since today/tommorow (depends on stores) you can download update for them, with a brand new ground-poly textures for concrete.
We’ve also promised you custom jetways for Hurghada. It’s been one of the hardest thing to do but now we can say… It is ready for you. They are long enough, you have plenty of options for heavy aircraft as well… So play with them around, we simply believe you gonna enjoy them.
This brings us to another big announcement. We’ve teamed up with Stairport (SAM – development team) and we gonna bring you a completely new database of jetways you can use for free in you freeware sceneries (or under selling condition for payware sceneries as well). We gonna start with glass jetways and then carry on with the steel one. You may already know that we pay attention to the accuracy of the models and textures as well as for model optimisation, so we believe this action brings even more players into the X-Plane community.
Stairport are also helping us to implement custom ground vehicles into our sceneries, so stay tunned for another update!
Now to the most interesting topic for everyone – Prague. We are working on this scenery almost every day, and we love it already. The North part of the airport is almost done, and we are currently working-on non-terminal buildings and southern part of the airport. Many questions are coming about the open-beta. Open Beta probably won’t be available to you until all buildings are ready. In open beta we gonna implement details such as ground traffic, improving terrain and stuff like that. So basically – Open Beta might be a bit late then in second half of March (probably late April, we can’t say exactly) but full release is still planned around June.
Last thing – we have a new collaboration with SW Virtual (http://sw-virtual.eu/) so if you want to fly for a nice virtual airline, you are more then welcome!
I hope you are excited as we are! Don’t forget to join our discord, where you can see all work in progress or get in touch with us!
Have a lovely day!
Filip – Chudoba Design Founder
(Once your product is ready for update, you will be informed via email; this may take a while)


During the summer holidays we were able to produce 3 sceneries for X-Plane 11; Taba, Hurghada and Marsa Alam. Unfortunately, as the school started again, we don’t have too much time to produce new airports… But, don’t be sad. We were able to connect school and development together. Today, Chudoba Design with help of the University of Portsmouth is announcing the start of completely new project for X-Plane 11 – Václav Havel Airport Prague. We’ve agreed with University on the 16th of October and we are already working on researching and planning. As it is our hometown airport it will be super-detailed and as we have a support of University it will be super-optimized as well.
So what you should be looking forward to? As well as we are going to produce completely new airport by the end of June 2021 (at the latest; open beta should be available in March 2021), we are also working on updates for Taba, Hurghada and Marsa Alam. You can find more details in the development plan included in this post. We are also planning to implement special festive-season features into our airports, so stay tuned!This should be everything! We hope you gonna have a great flight experience with us and we are looking forward to developing even better products than ever before!


Don’t forget you can watch daily work-in-progress on our discord https://chudoba.design/discord and on Instagram https://chudoba.design/ig so check them out! ☺

We are working hard, so we can release it as soon as possible. And what you can start looking forward?
– Very well optimized scenery
– Custom animations
– PBR textures and PBR groundpoly
– Custom night textures and supported with custom lightning system for HDRI effect
– SAM jetways (if the A380 is out, our jetways are ready to serve that bird)
– Animations driven by specific weather conditions
– SAM vehicles integration
– eastereggs… and more!
So if you want to be in touch with us and be updated everyday, don’t forget to join us on discord or follow us on our socials! ☺

PS. Please be aware these screenshots are still work in progress, the buildings are almost ready however we are still preparing the content such as cars, ground equipment, and other small objects.